Whether Ryan Lochte has one-night stands or hook-ups or dates may still be a little unclear.

But we now know one thing - the Olympic swimmer's got a crush on Blake Lively.

Piers Morgan, on tonight's CNN show, asks Lochte if he "could choose one famous woman to spend the rest of your life with, who would you take right now?"

"Uh, right now, Blake Lively," says Lochte. "She is gorgeous."

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Has he ever met her? "No," says Lochte.

Morgan says, "If she's watching this and she probably is, what would you say to her?"

Says Lochte: "I would be like, '"Hi.' I'd be like, 'You want to go to an island with me?'"

Morgan then says Lively is "dating Ryan Reynolds, who I think is overrated. He's not that good-looking. You got to have a shot."

Or at least Lochte can do a backstroke better than Reynolds.

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