SACRAMENTO, CA -The details haven't been released and the ordinance still needs to be drawn up, but both sides leaving a Friday morning meeting at Sacramento City Hall between mobile gourmet food vendors and city restaurant owners say agreement on new rules for the vendors has been reached.

"I think there's been concessions on both sides," said KrushBurger's Davin Vculek. "The restaurant side, the food truck side, so we're about a month out on that going to city council."

"It was very productive," restaurant owner Randy Paragary said of the meeting. "This is the fifth or sixth (meeting) that we've had, so progress has taken place. (City councilmembers) Jay Schnerir and Rob Fong did a terrific job of bringing us all together and it seems like everybody's happy now. So that's good."

At issue were where the vendors can set up, when they can be there and how long they can stay. Currently, they can't stay in one place more than a half hour and must cease operations at sunset.

"There's no piece of the city that's excluded right now except for possibly Old Sacramento to keep the historical value down there," said Vculek. "Different zones will have different time periods, but we're allowed to park anywhere right now."

No one attending the meeting would be any more specific about the agreement. Still, Daniel Conway of the California Restaurant Association said it will be a model for other cities.

"Because right now I think what other communities have done is either take existing food truck ordinances that are kind of anachronistic from a different time and different caliber of truck and they try to apply it to what we have now in front of us today with these gourmet trucks," Conway said.

Next step is the drawing up of an ordinance which will then go before the city council.

by Jonathan Mumm,

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