SACRAMENTO, CA- Friday, friends and gay couples gathered at Chick-fil-A restaurants to kiss each other in response the company CEO'sposition against same-sex marriage.

At an Arden-Arcade Chick-fil-A, a small crowd gathered with signs, giving each other kisses and waiving rainbow flags.

"We are just hoping to send a message that we are equal. And there is no reason for hate to exist anywhere. There is no reason for someone to make such a large claim on a national scale to basically oppress a minority of people," sEnrique Manjarrez from Equality Action Now said.

Manjarrez helped organize the Arden kiss-in. He said it's all about following the Chick-fil-A money trail.

"One penny of our money spent on that to take away from our own civil liberties, our own equal rights, is too much," said Manjarrez.

The group Equality Matters investigated inChick-fil-A. It found it donates millions of dollars to organizations like the Family Research Council which lobbies against gay marriage.

"I think it's a civil rights issue, We cannot let people tell us how to live our lives. It mirrors what happened in the 60s," said Matthew Roy, a supporter ofsame-sex marriage.

"It's their money, he can give it to whoever he wants. I don't support them," said Dustin Martinez, another same-sex marriage supporter.

The kiss-ins took place in front of Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country.

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