SACRAMENTO, CA- One of the largest unions in the state has once again taken its annual conference Las Vegas.

The California School Employees Association's annual conference is taking place this week at the Paris Hotel, taking 1,900 attendees, and their money, out of California.

Even Gov. Jerry Brown made the trip to speak to the CSEA.

"California is sinking deep every year, and we need to do everything we can to keep our businesses alive," said one angry member of the union, who spoke anonymously fearing backlash.

"From the tax revenues to the airfare revenues, to the tips the servers would make because our restaurants would be full, that's a lot of California money and it needs to stay in California," she said.

The union doesn't want to go on-camera, but did say going to Vegas costs them less.

A spokeswoman said places like Sacramento don't have enough hotel rooms surrounding their convention centers and they spend tens of thousands of dollars on shuttles.

In an online post responding to this question,four years ago, Kenny Wilson, the then organizer wrote:

Every fourth year the annual conference is held in California but the cost is very extreme here. The members have elected to have conference in Vegas because it is tens of thousands dollars less expensive and more fiscally responsible to the members.

But are we really short hotel rooms downtown? It depends on who's asking. According to the Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau there are 2,500 rooms available.

"It's kind of a requirement that we put them not only downtown, but other parts of the city," said Mike Testa. "Some groups are okay with that. Some groups just want to be downtown. When you bring in a convention group with that many delegates, it's tough to get the capacity."

Dating backnine years, the annual conference has been held in Sacramento, San Jose and in Anaheim. The rest were in Vegas.

By Nick Monacelli,