MODESTO, CA - A suspect shot as Modesto police sex crime investigators attempted to arrest him has died.

Lt. Rick Armendariz said David Mendez, 68, was shot by Det. Steve Anderson when he threatened officers with a knife at his home on the 1200 block of Muirswood Avenue on July 12.

Armendariz said Mendez had previouslyadmitted to a felony sex crime to the detective and was aware he would be arrested. As he let officers into his home July 12, he told them he had written a confession and went to a nearby desk to retrieve it. At that point, Armendariz said Mendez took a large knife from the desk drawer and began to stab himself repeatedly in the neck.

The officers ordered Mendez to stop and the second officer, Ron Lemmings, deployed a stun gun on the suspect without effect.

When Mendez raised the knife over his head, pointed at officers, Armendariz said Anderson fired his weapon, striking Mendez.

Mendez underwent emergency surgery. He died Thursday.

Armendariz said crime scene technicians recovered Mendez' confession note in which he also said he was going to kill himself.

Det. Anderson, who was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation, has returned to work.

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