Welcome to a new look at the world of California politics.

For some of you, it's more like welcome back. For almost six years before joining News10 this spring, I hosted a weekly politics podcast featuring news and analysis from the state Capitol. That podcast was audio only, and was distributed via iTunes to any and all political junkies.

Now, we've turned on the cameras for the brand new News10 Capitol Connection podcast.

Joining me, as he has for most of the weekly chats since 2006, is Anthony York, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and one of the Capitol's best-known political journalists. As you'll see, our approach is pretty simple: mull over the week's political headlines and try to see what it all means.

Most weeks, we'll also be joined by another of the state's top political reporters (but I'll let her introduce herself once she pulls up a chair). Soon, there will be more info on how to subscribe to an audio version of the Capitol Connection podcast via iTunes. And it will always be here, on this site, on Fridays.

We invite your thoughts and comments, especially your own take on the week's political news.

This week: how recent events from Delta water tunnels to state parks spending might impact the fall election -- particularly Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative. Anthony and I also discuss some of other initiatives on the November ballot that may drive the political narrative.

For those who were loyal listeners to the previous podcast, thanks for your patience and your interest in getting this up and running!

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