ROSEVILLE, CA - A feral kitten stuck at the bottom of a storm drain system became the focus of a day-long rescue operation Thursday at Surewest Communications headquarters.

Update: Surewest employees rescue kitten

Surewest employee Jeannette Gallagher alertedmanagement when she heard the kitten's cries as she arrived for work at 7 a.m.

"It was so sad," Gallagher said, as she watched the rescue attempt with a group of coworkers.

A maintenance crew found the kitten at the bottom of a 12-foot-deep, six-inch diameter PVC pipe and tried to catch it with a rodent glue trap attached to a string.

"We had him on the sticky pad halfway up the pipe, almost to where we could reach him, and he wiggled loose," said maintenance worker Bob Simons.

A Roseville animal control officer with a pole and noose was similarly unsuccessful, even with workers attempting to drive the kitten into the noose with compressed air and water from a garden hose.

The mother cat anxiously watched the operation from a safe distance.

Gallagher said the cat and her kittens are well known to Surewest employees, some of whom feed the animals.

Surewest spokeswoman Ron Rogers said the maintenance crew was suspending the operation for the night and would lower a rope into the pipe when they left with the hope the kitten might climb out on its own.

Rogers said they were alsohopeful that with people gone, the mother cat might approach the pipe and coax her baby to safety.

by George Warren, GWarren@news10.net

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