ROSEVILLE, CA - A Roseville woman broke the Guinness world record for longest consecutive time riding a Ferris wheel last week, but unfortunately for her, she held the honor for less time than she spent on the ride.

Christina Lochmiller, 32, of Roseville, rode the Eagle Ferris wheel at the California State Fair from Monday morning to Tuesday morning, logging a total of 26 hours, 43 minutes, and 46 seconds spinning around and around without sleeping.

When Lochmiller stepped off the ride Tuesday morning as the new world-record holder, she was understandably exhausted and went home to sleep.

But while Lochmiller was snoozing, a radio disc jockey in Edmonton was riding his way towards her recently established record.

30 hours and 35 seconds after sitting down on the ride, Robbie Gibson walked off as the new record holder.

Both riders completed their feats for philanthropic causes. Lochmilller's ride raised money for the UC Davis Children's Hospital, and Gibson's endeavor benefitted the Boys & Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton.

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