HUGHSON, CA - Twomen were found dead inside a Hughson home after a standoff Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies, SWAT and hostage negotiatorswere outside a home on the 1800 block of 7th Street and evacuated a couple of neighbors, Deputy Raj Singh said.

Deputies closed off 7th Street from Fox Road and E. Hatch Road.

The incident started after deputies responded to a call outside of Oakdale on Eaton Road of a suicidal man in a pickup truck with a gun around 1:18 p.m. While deputies were enroute, the man drove away from the location.

Singh said deputies spotted the vehicle and began to follow the man. They tried to pull him over on Yosemite Avenue, but the man refused to yield.

The man drove to 7th Street, stopped in front of a residence, gotout of the truck and went inside.

Singh said deputies heard several gunshots from inside the home; they believe people were inside the home when the shots were fired.

After some time, a woman was able to leave the home unharmed.

SWAT entered the home and found two men dead inside.

Jennifer Alveti said she was on her way to visit her aunt at the house when she was stopped by deputies. Alveti, who is 14, said friends of her family said the man with the gun was threatening her grandmother when her uncle tried to intervene.

"And my uncle came in through the back door with a gun and asked the guy to please leave and he wouldn't leave and was gonna start shooting him," Alveti said.

Alveti was not sure what had happened to her grandmother, but said she was relievedher aunt had made it out safely as the gunshots started. She said she feared the worst forher uncle.

"I heard that two victims were shot, two older men were shot, and I'm really scared because that's my uncle," she said.

Deputies were not searching for shooting suspects in the case.

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