DAVIS, CA - You might call it a sort of community outreach program, but for first timers, it's more hair raising than most.

The U.S. Army's premiere skydivers, the Golden Knights, have been in Davis this week holding, what they call, 'Tandem Camp,' where local community leaders get the basics and then get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane attached to one of the team members.

"We facilitate positive interaction between the recruiters and the local educators, people who are involved in the community, law enforcement, things like that," Golden Knights skydiver Rachel Medley said.

State Board of Equalization's Bill Cardoza was a bit apprehensive before he went up, "questioning my sanity!" as he put it, but afterwards found the part of the jump after the parachute is deployed a very peaceful experience.

"Once the parachute opened up it was awesome relaxation," Cardoza said. "You got to see Davis, Woodland, all kinds of places."

The Golden Knights will be jumping through Thursday at the Yolo County Airport.

By Jonathan Mumm,

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