AUBURN, CA - The Auburn Police Department is looking for the person responsible for placing a card skimmer on the ATM at the U.S. Bank off High Street.

An Auburn man was using the ATM on Sundaywhen he discovered the device.

The card skimmer, which mirrors the card insertion port on an ATM, is placed over the actual card reader and records a customer's banking information when swiped.

Sergeant Dale Hutchins of the Auburn Police Department told the Auburn Journal that U.S. Bank was contacted about the incident and an investigation had been launched.

"They will be able to tell who has used that ATM machine," Hutchins told the Journal. "They will be able to cross reference that to see if anybody's account was jeopardized. It's a long process."

Hutchins said a man(pictured)captured on themachine's camera was identified as a "person of interest" in the case. Heasked anyone with information on the man's identity to contact the Auburn Police Dept. immediately.

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