LAS VEGAS - Kings legend and two time Olympian Mitch Richmond paid Team USA a visit this pastweekend, and he could not help notice the lone Kings player on the NBA Select Team -DeMarcus Cousins.

"Man, he is a big guy. He is so talented he has soft hands, really good around the basket and if he can keep himself in good shape he is going to be a fine player for the Kings," Richmond told News10.

Richmond's visitsparked memories of his own time as an Olympian from the glory of winning gold to being part of thefinal group of college playersto represent the United States.

"I was part of the '88 team that lost the gold medal in Seoul, Korea," remembered Richmond. "And to have an opportunity to go back in '96 in Atlanta it was such a blessing for me to get back and get a gold medal."

The six time NBA All-Star and All-Star MVP believes the Kings' Cousins has the skills to one day become an Olympian. Richmond compared him to a couple of legendary big men.

"He has the body when we played, like the Charles Oakleys and the Karl Malones," said Richmond. "He has that NBA body and he knows how to use it."

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