SAN FRANCISCO - Randy Moss retired after the 2010 season, his 13th NFL campaign. It wasn't a big surprise. During the previous season, Moss had played for the Patriots, Vikings and Titans and had just 393 yards with five touchdowns.

There wasn't a question of whether or not Moss had any gas left in his tank, but instead questions surrounded his attitude.

Before the 2012 season, Moss said he wanted to make a comeback. The San Francisco 49ers and head coach Jim Harbaugh were desperate for a receiver and decided to sign Moss to a one-year deal.

If what Harbaugh told SiriusXM NFL Radio's Rich Gannon is any indication, the 49ers are pleased with the 35-year-old receiver. Gannon told The San Jose Mercury News that Harbaugh told him Moss was the team's "best receiver right now."

Harbaugh also said earlier this offseason that Michael Crabtree had the best hands that he's ever seen, so this might have to be taken with a grain of salt. Along with Crabtree and Moss at the receiver position, the 49ers signed Mario Manningham and drafted A.J. Jenkins during the offseason.

San Francisco is considered to be a favorite to win the Super Bowl in 2013 and much of it will depend on whether or not the 49ers get the 2010 Moss or the 2009 Moss who caught 13 touchdowns with the Patriots.

Chances are quarterback Alex Smith will want Moss to go back to '09.

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