SACRAMENTO, CA - A Sacramento-areawaste recycling business is in big trouble with the law.

Monday, the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office said police found stolen copper and hazardous waste at Cash for Metal on Elder Creek Road. The business owner, River City Waste Recyclers, is now facing a laundry list of violations at all five of its businesses in the Sacramento area.

"Five River City Waste Recycler employees are facing criminal charges for stolen property and recordkeeping violations,"said District Attorney Jan Scully.

Scully's office also says the company is at fault for several fires at its composting site on Mingo Road in Galt. Investigators say woodchips improperly stored caused fires to spontaneously break out. This year, firefighters were called out five times to this one site.

There was also a big fire last August at one of River City's metal recycling plants in Sacramento. The D.A. also blames it on improperly storing materials.

The company is also accused of releasing waste into the ground. At a River City facility in Elk Grove, pictures show car engines tossed into an ordinary trash dumpster, motor oil and fluids allowed to leak into the ground.

"We are in the process of working with him right now to get everything cleaned up, um, hazardous waste-wise, through the soil contamination," said Elise Rothschild with the county Environmental Management Department.

A criminal case is moving forward separately against the company's owner and operators: Bryan Wilson, Gyan Kalwani, and three employees.

Wilson said the allegations in the suit came as a surprise.

A preliminary hearing is set for August.

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