SACRAMENTO - Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the ThinkBIG team officially announced Monday they'll begin Plan C by trying to attract the Oakland A's to Sacramento.

"We've got a long way to go to determine if and whether or not MLB and Oakland are really interested in Sacramento," said Johnson.

It's no secret the Oakland A's are unhappy in their current, antiquated facility; the team has been looking at San Jose for a possible new home.

However, San Jose is San Francisco Giants territory, and the team or the League could block that move.

If that happens, Johnson wants to be ready.

"We'd love for Sacramento to be on their radar," he said.

However, Sacramento is already on their radar; in the wrong way.

While talking to a San Francisco Chronicle reporter, A's co-owner Lew Wolff said, "Sacramento is a very nice city, but not for Major League Baseball as far as our ownership is concerned."

The thought is that ifthe current A's owners decide to sell the team, the new owners might take a look at Sacramento.

"We want to send a strong message that we're on deck," Johnson said.

It should be noted that if a Major League Baseball team does move to Sacramento, the Sacramento River Cats would most likely be forced out of the market.

ThinkBIG is still eyeing the railyards for the project, but is now focused north of the new Amtrak tracks. There's about 240 acres owned by Inland American there, which either have to be developed or sold very soon.

Mayor Johnson has tapped Kevin McClatchy, former co-owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, for insider advice.

McClatchy is chairman of the board of The McClatchy Co., the parent company of the Sacramento Bee.

By Nick Monacelli,

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