Media company Mediajuice Studios has launched a new film project about video game history, culture and economics. It's called simply, 'Video Games: The Movie', and it's being headed by studio principal Jeremy Snead.

Filming started in June of 2012 at the E3 convention in Los Angeles where Snead and teaminterviewed many industry insiders such as Warren Spector, and Ono-San of Street Fighter fame. The documentary crew is shooting interviews around the world for the next seven months and is set to interview several celebrities who are known "gamers" at San Diego Comic Con next week.

"It's really an untold story," said Snead in regards to the film's origins. "I've always been fascinated not only by the economics and culture of modern gaming but also the rich history of video games. At some point a colleague suggested I read an award-winning book called High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games, which I did, and fell in love with. I contacted the author; Rusel DeMaria and we struck a partnership where we would use his book as the historical guide to our film."

Snead went on to say they have their goal is to focus the documentary on the personalside of the industry wherever possible to capture the inside stories. To do this, they will be interviewing veterans of classic gaming, a who's who of game publishers & developers as well as celebrity gamers like Zachary Levi and Felicia Day.

Jeremy and his team at Mediajuice plan to release behind the scenes video clipsthroughout the filming of the documentary and post to the film's Facebook page.

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