FOLSOM - The Folsom Police Department spent Sunday morning searching for a homicide suspect from Mariposa County. Theybelieved he had killed his wife, 21-year-old Tifanny Russell from Sacramento.

Police say the suspect's white Ford Ranger truck was spottedin the parking lot of Sudwerk Riverside Restaurant on Greenback Lane near Negro Bar around 7 a.m. The license plate was traced to the Mariposa case.

"The license plate of this truck is what led us to believe that was the suspect and that we need to search the trails for him," said Sgt. Jason Browning of theFolsom Police Department.

Police say witnesses in the area spotted the suspect in Negro Bar State Park later that morning.

California State Parks Rangersshut down the American River Bike Trailand began an exhaustive search of the area. Folsom police, deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and the Folsom Police SWAT team also assisted in the search.

"It was quite surprising to see that," said cyclist Roger Mendoza.

Mendoza and hundreds of other cyclists and runners who were hoping to hit the bike trail Sunday morning were turned away.

"It was kind oflike, 'Sowhat's going on?'" Mendoza said. "I understand there's a gunman out here. That's all we know at this point."

Armed officers fanned out across the park and bike trail searching for the suspect.

"It was alarming seeing all the police out and on the water and telling people to vacate the area," said runner Susan Lentz.

A man matching the suspect's description was found dead in an off-trailarea of Negro Bar around noon, but police have not confirmed the man's identity. Policehave also not released the cause of death.

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