PLACERVILLE, CA - Former Placerville mayor pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and conflict of interest allegations Friday.

David Machado was arrested in August 2011 on allegations of perjury and suspicion in connection to property he bought in Placerville's redevelopment zone while in office.

Machado pled guilty to three charges:

  • Felony conspiracy to obstruct justice and the due administration of laws
  • Conspiracy to destroy or conceal evidence and delaying/obstructing a public officer
  • Public official using his official position to influence a government decision which the defendant knew he had a financial interest

Machado Allocution Statement:

"I am admitting guilt to the charged crimes because I am in fact guilty of those offenses. I admit to wrongdoing for my actions and am accepting responsibility for what I have done in my private capacity, for acts as a public official, and those done with other persons. I further stipulate and agree that there is a factual basis for the entry of the pleas, including, at least one overt act to support each charge. I understand that occupying the positions of mayor and city councilman subject me to additional laws and also that I am held to a higher standard by virtue of my position but that in taking my actions I clearly overstepped what was permissible and legal. I am agreeing to resign effective immediately from any public office, commission or board, and understand that I am barred in the future from holding any public offices based upon my guilty plea for violating government code section 87100. My resignation was and is directly related to the guilty pleas in this case, and any prior statement I have made to the contrary is not true."

According to a criminal complaint filed in August 2011, Machado bought property in the redevelopment zone in October 2010 after voting for the creation of the zone two months earlier. In November 2010, Machado gifted the ownership of the property to his son, Gregory Machado, and completed a false property transfer.

The complaint said Machado failed to disclose the purchase of the property and tried to conceal evidence of his involvement.

Because of the guilty plea, Machado was:

  • Placed on three years formal probation
  • Ordered to serve 120 days in county jail, which he could serve through an different sentence or community service,
  • Ordered to pay a $5,000 fine,
  • Ordered to resign from public office
  • Barred from holding public office

The investigation into Machado stemmed from a complaint from the City of Placerville.

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