SANTA ANA, CA - NIS America announced Wednesday that its multiplayer game Clan of Champions will be released later this summer on the PlatStation Network for PlayStation3.

Clan of Champions is a multiplayer action game set in medieval fantasy world of magic. Players choose between human, elf or orc as their avatar and go on a variety of combat based missions. Users can play by themselves or with 2-others in the online co-op mode. There is also a 3-vs-3 team battle mode where you can fight friends or rival teams.

Key features include:

  • Fast-paced Combat - Jump into the fray with a variety of fighting styles and magical spell sets. Find your favorite combination of skills to take on the enemy
  • Multiplayer - Recruit your friends online with the 3-person co-op mode or 3-vs-3 battle mode
  • Customization - Customize your character's appearance and stat distribution. There are many different weapons and plenty of equipment to aid in creating a unique warrior in your battle for survival
  • Dynamic Warfare - Strip your enemy of their gear mid-battle and seize it for your own use! Switch weapons and fighting styles on the fly
  • Weapon Mastery - Pick whichever weapon type you'd like to specialize in. The longer you use each type of weapon, the more skills and moves you'll unlock
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