Microsoft and game developer Harmonix gave gamers quite a treat as Grammy-winning R&B artist Usher took the stage during the Xbox 360 press briefing at the 2012 E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

The performance was in promotion of Dance Central 3, the next dancing game in development from Harmonix for Xbox 360 Kinect. Two of the artist's songs are featured in the game.

"For Dance Central 3, I worked with the team at Harmonix to do choreography for two songs based on the same dance moves I perform on tour and in my videos," said Usher in a pre-recorded interview shown on a large video board situated above the press briefing's presentation stage. "My new single, 'Scream', is out now and anyone can learn those new moves; or I can just show you myself."

A few seconds later, and the R&B artist was on stage giving E3 attendees a live performance of his latest track -- complete with his personally choreographed Dance Central 3 moves. (The on-stage performance itself hits at roughly one minute into the video above.)

An official release date for Dance Central 3 was not announced during the briefing.

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