STOCKTON, CA - Several businesses in an upscale Stockton neighborhood were burglarized early Monday with the suspect literally going through walls from one business to another.

It happened in Brookside, near the intersection of March Lane and Brookside Road. Businesses victimized included VIP Pizza, Casa Flores Mexican Restaurant and Brookside Dry Cleaners.

"It's shocking: A sophisticated burglar, coming in one place and getting access all at one time. It's amazing," said property owner Melissa McWeeney.

The burglar was caught on one of the victim's camera system, and he started at a vacant storefront, then pounded through the drywall of one business after another, stealing various items.

"I lost my money, my tv, my electronics -- it's a big pain," said Joan Wilton of Brookside Dry Cleaners. She's had an especially rough few days after being held up at gunpoint at the same location last Friday.

Though business owners were scrambling to fix the damage done during the burglary, restaurant owners joked they might leave things alone. Now if a pizza customer wanted an enchilada instead, a large hole in the wall made it all possible.


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