SACRAMENTO, CA - A 6-year-old girl who saw the Heimlich maneuver used on a Disney Channel TV show saved a first grade classmate who was choking on an apple slice.

Elspeth "Beanie" Mar knew exactly what to do when her friend, Aniyah Rigmaiden, began gasping forair duringlunch Tuesday in the Caroline Wenzel Elementary School cafeteria.

Another classmate, Anthony Roy, Jr., was the first to notice Aniyahgrabbing her neck andbrought it to the attention of the other children sitting at the first graders' table.

Beanie later demonstrated how she got up off the bench and stood behind Aniyah, wrapping her arms around her friend anddislodging thepiece of apple with a single thrust.

Principal Judy Montgomery said she's performed the Heimlich on two students during her career, but had never seen it used by one child to save another.

Montgomery marveled at the fact a 38-pound girl was successful in her first attempt.

"I think she found the sweet spot," Montgomery said.

by George Warren

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