SACRAMENTO - As Sacramento city leaders work to construct a PlanB for a new arena, they also said not to count Plan A out.

Plan A died when Kings owners the Maloofs told Mayor Kevin Johnson they wouldn't put up collateral for the new building. The Maloofs said it died because the city didn't respond to term sheet negotations.

However, Johnson said Thursday that he plans to speak to brothers Joe and Gavin Maloof at the next Kings' home game, which is Friday night.

What they'll discuss, if anything, isn't known.

"I'm going to go to the game tomorrow night." Johnson said. "I'm assuming Joe and Gavin will be there, so we'll get a chance to visit for a few minutes, if they are there on Friday."

Parties involved in the arena deal elude that the first plan doesn't have to die if both sides can negotiate through it.

"We're going to keep all the lines of communication open, if the Maloofs, or anybody, want to honor the tenants that we laid out in that agreement in Orlando," Johnson said.

The Orlando agreement was a framework of the term sheet later presented to the Sacramento City Council.

It's the term sheet that the Maloofs were asking for significant changes to.

"We put a lot of money on the table," George Maloof said. "We put $67 million on the table, we put a surcharge on our ticket sales, which would have probably come out to $60 or $70 million over the term of the contract, so we put a lot of money on the table and it wasn't enough for the city."

While some are willing to possibly open a dialogue with the Maloofs, others are more skeptical.

"The Maloofs acted badly," said Senate leader Darrell Steinberg. "I think they should sell the team and move themselves.The team should stay here, they should move. The NBA ought to be embarrassed, frankly. "

City leaders said it could take up to a month for them to develop a Plan B, if they determine it's feasible to build a new arena without the Sacramento Kings.

By Nick Monacelli,

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