You see it all the time -- a car heading down the street with a dog's head sticking out the driver-side window. Some dog owners think it's cute to drive with their pooch on their lap, but authorities say it's a big safety concern.

Rhode Island is debating a bill to ban dogs on laps over such safety concerns, and many Californians believe the same measure should be considered.

In California it's not officially banned, but Adrian Qunitero with the California Highway Patrol says anything to lessen distractions is a good idea, including restraining roving animals.

We asked our News10 viewers what they thought about the bill and strapping Rover in a restraining harness or seat and got some great responses from people who agree that dogs can be a distraction while driving.

Charell Parcher says, "The dog can roam the car whatever, but on a drivers lap? No. You wouldn't put your 2 year old on your lap and drive."

And Taffie Henry says, "I do own a "doggy car seat" and my Lucy loves it! She is harnessed in a still sits high enough where she can still see where we are going!! Love this Law.. Hope it passes!!"

Jenni Zimmerman Yarwood says, "I agree. It's ridiculous that this wouldn't be against the law. I see pp do it all the time. If talking on your cell phone is illegal, so should this be."

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