Music game publisher Harmonix has announced Rock Band Blitz, a new title in the company's Rock Band franchise. The game will be released onto Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Rock Band Blitz will not focus on musical authenticity and performance simulation. Rather, it's an arcade-style game that focuses more on being fast, loud, and silly, than it does playing a simulated rock concert.

Designed primarally as a single-player game (whereas previous Rock Band games have been focused on being multi-player party games), the player plays all of the game's instruments and uses the gamepad rather than plastic instrument-shaped controllers. Furthermore, the game will allow players to challenge other players to songs and compare their scores to others.

Rock Band Blitz willship with 25 songs included in the game software. For those concerned about having to re-purchase any existing Rock Band songs or needing to download a whole new music library for the game, Blitz is compatible with the more than 3,700 songs from the previously-released Rock Band games. As a bonus to those who own Rock Band 3, the songs included with Blitz are also playable in that game as well. The game will also have a new feature that recommends songs to the player, including both owned and unowned tracks.

Just like it has been in the past, DLC content will be released for Rock Band Blitz on a weekly basis. All Blitz DLC will also be playable on past versions of Rock Band.

Rock Band Blitz will be released this summer. It is expected that the ESRB will rate this game "T for Teen" by the ESRB.

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