DAVIS, CA - Several dozen Occupy activistsstaged a demonstration at a Monsanto Co. facility in Davis to protest the company's seed modification work.

Monsanto describes itself as an agricultural company providing farmers with products to produce more, conserve more and lead improved lives.

Protestors at the company's 5th Street plant Friday say Monsanto makes insustainable genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) thatpoison the environment.

Demonstrator Lorraine Reich questions how feeding the livestockMonsanto's genetically modified corn and injecting the animals with antibiotics and steroids can be good.

The activists blocked entrances to Monsanto which kept employees getting to work.

"The only way that there's going to any change in our world, it seems to me, is when it hits the pocketbook and if that's going to hurt Monsanto today today, economically, we've been effective," said Reich.

The protestors say they plan to be at Monsanto again Saturday.

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