WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - An innocent bystander was wounded as occupants in two vehicles exchanged gunshots Thursday evening.

A man in his 40s leaving the Trinity Presbyterian Church Food Pantry on Westacre Road and Park Boulevard was shot in the face when people in two different cars shot at each other, West Sacramento Police Chief Dan Drummond said.

"Muzzle flashes were seen coming out of that vehicle, so that's how, at this point, we've established that there was an exchange of fire," Drummond said.

One man described seeing the two vehicles running through an intersection as he prepared to pull out.

"And they're already popping off shots so I didn't even proceed into the intersection, I just got down. I thought I left all this back in Afghanistan," said eyewitness Chris Baur.

Witnesses said they saw aNissan pickup with chrome rims and a dark gray Dodge Durango-type SUV that was possibly lowered.

The man who was shot was just leaving the food pantry in his Dodge van when a stray bullet from one of the shooters shattered the glass in his windshield and struck him in the head.
Paramedics rushed him to UC Davis Medical Center.

"I know for a fact that he was still conscious when they put him in the ambulance. So I'm hoping he was OK, you know," said eyewitness Robin Eckstrom, who lives next to the church parking lot.

The victim's condition was described as serious but stable.

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