SACRAMENTO - Google's new controversial privacy policy took effect March 1.

The web giant is keeping track of all your activity when you use Google, YouTube, Gmail, and maps. Google claims that it's taking that information and building a profile of you to display more relevant ads and search results.

Critics claim the new policy is an invasion of privacy and that Google will know too much about each one of us.
Others worry that there's no way to opt out of the new privacy policy.

Google senior attorneys point out that users will have a wide set of privacy controls. They said that users can delete their web history, decline targeted ads and log out of their accounts to use Google's services anonymously.

How to clear Google user history

According to, there are two easy steps to clear your Google search history and "pause" the collection of your activity with Google.

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  1. Go to, and then sign in with your Google account
  2. Click on the "Remove all web history" button and you're done. Google won't collect anymore information until you hit the "Resume" button.

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