WOODLAND, CA - Vanessa Marie Deltoro, 20, was killed when her SUV crashed into a tree in a Woodland neighborhood Monday afternoon.

Woodland police Sgt. Steve Guthrie said the car landed in the tree,six toseven feet off the ground, and wrapped around its trunk.

PHOTOS: Woodland woman dies when car hits tree

The Woodland police chief started to follow Deltoro after he noticed she was speeding and blowing through stop signs, Guthrie said.

"She was driving 80 mph on surface streets. She caught the attention of officers," Guthrie said. "They tried to catch up to her; she was driving too fast for officers to even catch her."

"We all heard this skid. All of a sudden, we look. A car went flying across and everywhere and then plowed into the tree," said witness Matt Casias.

Johnny Magallanez was on his way to a skate park when he saw the crash.

"It was bouncing ontwo wheels. Her car lost control. She tried to make a sharp turn. It spun out," Magallanez said.

After the chief lost Deltoro around 4:06 p.m., another police officer reported seeing the car in the tree.

The car's electronics sparked a small fire in the tree, which was quickly extinguished . Guthrie said Deltoro's death was most likely caused by the impact of the crash,not the fire.

Deltoro'saunt and various family members showed up at the crash scene.

"It's really hard for her to go this way. There's no need," Deltoro's aunt Maria Roa said. "My niece, her sister said she had been drinking and hadn't slept for days. She was going through a lot right now. I don't know if it could have been prevented. She needed help."

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