SACRAMENTO, CA-The daybefore the Sacramento City Council votes on the fate of a new entertainment and sports complex, all signs seem to be pointing towardsa measure thatwould help fund the project passing.

If passed, the measure would privatizethe city's parking assets,and the money gained from the sale will be used to finance part of the arena construction costs, which is estimated around $400 million.

"I think we'll get it done," council memberJay Schenirer said.

Based on past votes and public comments, most assume "yes" votes will be cast by Angelique Ashby, Steve Cohn and Rob Fong.

Mayor KevinJohnson and Schenirer said they would vote "yes" to request bids for monetization, which makes up the majority of thenine member council.

If passed, Johnson will continue his discussions with the Maloofs, AEGand the NBA to determine who will pay how much.

Those numbers will be presented to the city council on Feb. 28.

By Nick Monacelli,

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