SACRAMENTO - People are giving the new Facebook Timeline mixed reviews, but Facebook doesn't care whether you love or hate it. As of January 31, we're going to be forced to embracethe newformatso we might as well get the most out of it.

Here are three easy things you should do.

1) Maximize your cover image - The first thing you'll notice when switching to Facebook Timeline is the gigantic cover image. Sure, you'll still have the tiny profile photo you had before, but now you'll also have a page-width image to show the world your personality.

You'll want to take some time to "play" with this as some photos suit the area better than others. In fact, this has become such an important part of the page, that you can now go to various third party sites such as download backgrounds for your Facebook cover photo. It's kind of like the screensaver trend of the 1980s.

Of course, if you're really creative, you can go all out and do something interesting with the space. Check out these greatFacebook Timeline Cover Photos for fun.

2) Clean up your old posts - What were you doingfive years ago? If you can't remember and you were on Facebook, you may want to clean up some of your old posts or photos. This is because, seeing old stuff will now be easy.

Forget about the cumbersome "click here for older posts" link that currently exists. With Facebook Timeline, all your friends (and co-workers) need to do is scroll your timeline back to a certain time and the "old" you will be there.

To help you out and save you some embarrassment, Facebook is giving everyoneseven days to get used to the new Timeline before everyone will see it.

3) Take control of who views your content -- One of the perksof Facebook Timeline is you have more control of who sees your posts and who doesn't.

You can now change your privacy settings on individual items such as narrowingthe accessof anembarrassing photo to only your closest friends---or just one friend. You can also changethe date on a post and resize your favorite posts so that they expand across the page.

The more you check out Facebook Timeline, the more features you'll come across. It also looks great on the iPad.

If you don't want to wait until January 31 to get Timeline, simply go toa friend's page(who does have it). On that page, you'll see a button that allows you to click to try Timeline on your own profile.

Here's what News10 viewers are saying about it:

Amber Rodelander: I like it. Facebook changes all the time. If people don't like it, they can go back to Myspace.

Alena Hansen: I like the cover photo at the top.

Melissa Turinsky: Too myspacey.

Wanda Junkntreasures Leach:I have not changed mine yet. But have looked at lots of others, they look confusing and complicated and it is hard to find info fast, have to look at everything on page, and take timeI don't always have.

Nick Cael: I haven't figure out how to change it. I still have the old one.

Ella Lin: I have had it for a month, at first it took some getting used to but I like it. It adds more personality to your page.

Barb Bare: REALLY DISLIKE the timeline for several being, who needs to add out "Birth" information on an online forum such as this.... and they made these changes without even considering their user base.... just to begin with.

Ella Lin: @Nick if u go to someones page who already has the top right it will say SWITCH TO there :)

Tamara Cascarano: Hate it.

Cathy Eliza Flowers: Not mine. I knowsome people who do have it HATE IT & want FB to change it back. I don't like it because it reminds me of MS{ MYSPACE } that's whyI left in the first place & won't go back either.

Victoria Colella: It takes too long to upload and its starting to make facebook seem less conservative. i love the simplicity of the classic facebook. stop changing it! ?

Felipa Angulo: Hate it

Anita Riley: I don't like it because it is difficult to find a previous post. There wasn't anything wrong with the profile page the way it was. "If it isn't broke, don't fix it."

Jennifer Stroud-Rechcygl: Not really liking it, It doesn't always show your comments on your staus. It looks kind of cool but that's about it, At least in my opinion.

Glenda Grinols Johnson: I've had the timeline since it was introduced back in like Aug/Sep. I think it's great! Much easier to look at older postings. For everyone who hates it, you just need to get used to it. You still have all of the options you had before so if you don't want some things listed in your info you just don't post anything. I love the way your pictures are so much larger when you post them without having to go into an album! It's nothing like Myspace so get real people, your just using lame excuses because it's just something different. You'll get used to it. It's very easy on the eyes. There has been many changes to FB over the years and we all had to conform. This is just another one of them, in with the new out with the old! ;)

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