DAVIS, CA - The furor over students being pepper sprayed hasn't abated at the UC Davis campus.

Adam Thongsavat,president of the university's Associated Students, said Tuesday that flaws in campus policy need to be changed so students do not have to fear police.

The students passed a resolution Monday night calling on the state attorney general to investigate the Friday incident. The footage of police in riot gear dousing pepper spray on a row of students sitting peacefully has sparked national outrage.

Tuesday, a representative for Attorney General Kamala Harris, said Harris was deeply disturbed by the incident but will allow a local investigation to complete before reviewing, if at all.

The students are alsodemanding sensitivity training for campus police, a review of policies on student protests and more student representation.

Tuesday morning, after a chilly night in which student protestors camped out in about six dozen tents pitchedaround the quad, Chancellor Linda Katehi made a visit to the campers.

She told News10, the only media present, she had asked UC President Mark Yudof to take over the investigation into the Friday's pepper-spraying incident. The students who were sprayed byofficers were peacefully demonstrating as part of the Occupy UC Davis movement and in protest over escalating tuition costs.

Katehi said Yudof had agreed to lead the probe.

As for her talking with those camped out, she described it as a "good experience."

She came by the quad again at 11 a.m. for an assembly by the protestorsand again said apologized for the pepper spraying.

"I feel so sorry and I apologize and the university will take full responsibility for it," Katehi said."

The number of students at the assembly was much smaller than Monday's rally which was attended by hundreds of students.

Anonline petition seeking Katehi's resignation is making the Internet rounds. A letter from a Davis assistant English professor also calling for the chancellor's resignation hascirculated. The Davis Faculty Association and the UC faculties association have denounced the police actions and supported students' right to peaceful assembly.

Two officers as well as university Police ChiefAnnette Spicuzza have been placed on administrative leave.

Katehi has ordered a fact-finding review of what happened Friday and requested an investigation by the Yolo County District Attorney's Office.

Tuesday afternoon, Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg announced a jont hearing at the State Capitol regarding the UC system's policies and procedures regarding non-violent protests.

Tuesday, Katehi said it appeared one the officers involved, Lt. John Pike, ordered the use of pepper spray.

"I have my own information but it's not coming out of a full review and the information I have is it was done locally by Lieutenant Pike," Katehi told News10. "If those reviews show he was the one, like we think, then he will be penalized."

Pike's father, John A. Pike Jr. said his son was "directly ordered to clear a path."

Pike Jr. defended his son, saying he is a good officer and "not the type that goes out and does stuff purposely."

There will be a town hall at Freeborn Hall on campus at 5 p.m. Present will be Katehi, interim Police Chief Matt Carmichael, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph Hexter and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Fred Wood. will carry part of the town hall liveduring News10 at 5 p.m.