GALT, CA - There can sometimes be a fine line between humorous and rude; someone posted videos to YouTube that many agree cross that line.

The videosshowpranks, taped with a cell phone, showing a diesel pickup truck pulling besides pedestrians or bicyclists and slamming on the gas.

The truck has a modified exhaust system, so flooring the gas pedal sends a large, black, thick cloud of smoke shooting out the pipe, resulting in air so bad it's almost impossible to breathe.

"Excuse me, do you smoke," asked one of the men as they pulled next to a woman walking, wearing a bikini.

"Yes I do," she replied.

"Well then, standby," the man said as the truck roared away leaving the woman in the black cloud.

Three videos have been posted, the other two targeting cyclists, where one of the riders fell over.

The username and background information online indicate the videos possibly came from Galt.

On an online forum dedicated to Ford Trucks, the user wrote: "I have a 156db Triple train horn that I run on a 150psi pressure switch and it is crazy loud. I don't know how I ever went without one. You will love the dirty looks and scaring the crap out of people."

Galt Police Lt. Jim Uptegrove saw the videos for the first time Tuesday morning.

"I haven't seen anything like this before, it's kind of shocking," he said.

Uptegrove added his department hasn't received any complaints and right now isn't positive the videos were shot in Galt.

However, Uptegrove said if they were, or if they find who shot them, there are clear vehicle code violations.

"We could also look at some sort of assault if someone was injured because of their actions,"Uptegrove said.

Residents in Galt had the same reaction,laughter that turned intodisgust.

"I'm not going to lie, it is funny," said one man. "But I wouldn't do it and wouldn't want it done to me. People die from that exhaust."

By Nick Monacelli,

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