ELK GROVE, CA - A California Highway Patrol officer is in stable conditionafter being shot on Sunday night during a traffic stop on Highway 99 just south of Elk Grove Boulevard.

Jason Ramos with the Sacramento County Sheriffs Department said the CHP officer pulled over the vehicle around 5:30 on the southbound shoulder of Highway 99.

The CHP officer then called in another unit for assitance. The two officers were preparing to approach the vehicle when the suspect stepped out of the car and fired on the officers.

One officer was hit twice, with one round hitting him in the hip and another in the wrist.

One of the CHP officers then returned fireat the vehicle. After the exchange of shots the suspect drove away and rolled over his vehicle a short distance away.

At the nearby Lasher Volkswagon dealership, sales manager Tommy Lu told his workers to take cover and then went out to see if he could help. He was joined by a nurse who was shopping for a car.

"We saw an officer down, so me and one of the customers who was a nurse ran over there and hopped over the fence and helped the officer," Lu said.

As they helped the officer, Lu said he saw Elk Grove police approach the car with guns drawn.

"Couple officers come up and yell at him, 'tell him hey, we wanna see your hands.' And they yelled four or five times. I just heard a couple (police) gunshots inside that car," Lu said.

Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said the officers warned the suspect repeatedly before firing.

"Officers approached the suspect vehicle from behind, giving the driver numerous commands to show his hands. The driver was observed making furtive movements in front of him. Officers could not see his hands. He refused numerous commands to show his hands and at one point an officer from the Elk Grove Police Department fired two shots from his duty weapon into the suspect vehicle," Ramos said.

The suspect wasdead when paramedicswere able to check on his condition. Their response was delayed, according to Ramos, because officers had torestrain two dogs that were in the suspect's car.

The CHP officer, whose identity was not released, was transported to Kaiser Permanente South and listed as being in critical condition. He was later upgraded to stable condition and said to be in "good spirits".

The southbound lanes of Highway 99 were closed until around 8 a.m. Monday morning.

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