Dorothea Puente's Sacramento Victorian where 7 bodies were buried up for sale again

8:09 PM, Feb 26, 2010   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Serial killer Dorothea Puente's infamous 1,834-square-foot boardinghouse is for sale in downtown Sacramento. SLIDESHOW: 1426 F Street

The Victorian at 1426 F Street is well-known for seven bodies  buried in the yard by Puente. The crimes were discovered by police in 1988.

Puente rented the top floor of the mansion from 1980-1982. In 1985 she returned after serving time for drugging and stealing valuables from elderly people. She then began to rent rooms on both floors to individuals who became some of her victims.

Puente, now 81, was eventually charged with nine murders and was convicted of three of them. She is incarcerated at the Central California Women's Facility where she still claims the victims all died of natural causes.

The for sale sign for the 1930 two-story duplex went up on Wednesday. The price was unlisted but Bank of America permitted realtor Andrew Chechourka to put the house on the market.

According to the property records, Ricardo and Veronica Ordorica sold the house was sold in 2002 to Richard Vasquez for $155,000. Vaquex fixed up the mansion and sold it in 2005 for $500,000 to John Burdette III. Records show that Burdette turned around and sold the house to Tom and Lissette Decarli for $560,000 just six months after buying it. The house was foreclosed on June 22, 2009 for $335,750.

by Brittany Young


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