Loomis Good Deed Draws Placer County Complaint

2:00 AM, Nov 26, 2009   |    comments
David McCauley
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PLACER COUNTY, CA - Despite his best intentions, David McCauley is finding out the hard way that random acts of kindness don't stand up if they're in violation of county codes.

The Loomis resident and business owner decided along with his wife Karen that he was going to help a family in need of a place to stay. 

McCauley doesn't have the space in his house, but he did have spare property across the street, more than enough room for someone to set a camping trailer and live there until they were back on their feet.

Or so McCauley thought.

"We have no idea who would complain," he said.

One week after he and his wife allowed a couple who had recently been evicted from their home to move their trailer in across the street, they received a letter from Placer County officials. 

According to the letter, there had been a complaint by a neighbor, arguing that the trailer was a code violation and that the property isn't zoned for that kind of use.

The trailer, according to the county, can not stay.

"This is a humble couple we're talking about (who moved in with their trailer)," McCauley said. "It's not late night partying or music. It's very quiet. It wasn't like we had raw sewage around, or there were junker cars everywhere. It was nothing like that, so it was really a surprise to us."

They understand their generous gesture may, in fact, be in violation of county codes. But Karen and Dave are telling their guests to stay put across the street until Placer County officials make a final call.

That family did not wish to comment directly to News10 or reveal their names. They did say through a statement that they are recently laid off and are using the free land as a chance to save up before getting back on their feet.

News10 spoke with a Placer County spokesperson Wednesday, but the official was unable to provide any details on the case.

Written by Will Frampton, wframpton@news10.net


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