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More Night Viewing: International Space Station Visible Sunday

5:00 PM, Jul 4, 2009   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Fireworks displays will only be the first act of the night sky show over northern California Saturday with the International Space Station expected to be visible to the naked eye this weekend.

According to NASA, the Sacramento region is one of the areas that should get an extended opportunity to see the football field-length station complete its orbit about 220 miles above the Earth.

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"Many locations will have unusually long sighting opportunities of as much as five minutes, weather permitting, as the station flies almost directly overhead," a NASA spokesperson said.

The ISS, one of the most reflective objects ever built, should appear as a solid, glowing light to Sacramento residents as it slowly crosses the brightening sky around 4:20 a.m. Sunday.

NASA said that even though the station can be viewed with the naked eye, a good set of binoculars will provide even more detail, even allowing viewers to make out pieces of the structure.

While the station is expected to be visible for less than a minute Sunday morning, the ISS circles the planet every 90 minutes and was expected to be visible for even longer periods over Sacramento and the rest of the region each night through July 15.


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