Families Take Christmas to Homeless

4:05 PM, Dec 25, 2008   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Homeless people living under Stockton's Crosstown Freeway got a Christmas surprise Thursday morning.

Several groups of people, most of them families, put off their own holiday celebrations to deliver food, coffee, hot chocolate and clothing to people most in need.

"Things haven't always been good for me.  I just thought when things do get good, I'll start giving back," said Curtis McCurn of Stockton. 

McCurn and co-worker Troy George had coffee and doughnuts to give out.  George even gave his knitted cap to a woman who said she was cold.

"Something like that, that touches me.  I touched her and now she's smiling.  That's a good thing," said George.

Patricia Jimenez said she gave her daughters fewer presents so that she could fund her effort of burritos, hot chocolate, and even a few jackets.

Her daughters were by her side as they distributed the items out of the back of their SUV.

"In the morning I woke up and heard the rain.  The only thing I could think about is them sleeping under the bridge," said Jimenez.  "This is something I really wanted to do."

Many of Stockton's homeless population gather each day under the Crosstown Freeway because it's near other services like a homeless shelter and the St. Mary's Interfaith dining hall.

It's where people like Jimenez, George, McCurn and the Lambdin family know to gather as well.

"The girls last year woke up and said, 'let's give hot chocolate and coffee to the homeless.'  This year we're doing it again," said Dan Lambdin. 

It's a good bet these families, and maybe a few more, will be there again next Christmas.


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