Sacramento landscaper accused of raping own employee

6:16 PM, Jan 1, 2014   |    comments
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Pasqual Gonzalez

SACRAMENTO - Forty-six-year-old landscaper Pasqual Gonzalez is behind bars in Yuba County Jail, accused of raping a woman identified by court records as his employee.

The alleged attack happened in December while the two were working in the Plumas Lake area.

Court documents allege Gonzalez made several advances toward the victim while in his work truck.

Investigators say he touched her sexually and then raped her.
Records also say the next day, the victim returned to work with Gonzalez because "she needed money," but after another advance by Gonzalez, she then went to police.

The suspect's son, Paul Gonzalez, questions why someone at Plumas Lake didn't witness the attack.

"That's a place that is a public place. People socialize there. So my question is, how could this happen?" said Gonzalez.

The suspect's wife Hilaria says she believes her husband is being targeted by the victim because he didn't help her family when they needed it.

"The woman was mad at my husband that he didn't help her boyfriend and he was deported," said Hilaria Gonzalez.

Gonzalez's bail was set at $600,000. His next court appearance was scheduled for Jan. 24.

by Damany Lewis,  


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