UPS, FedEx, Amazon working to make amends for missed Christmas deliveries

4:28 PM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO - UPS and Fedex workers expect to be busy on the day after Christmas, both fielding customer complaints from packages that arrived late or not yet at all, and hustling to make those deliveries. Both companies will be doing a lot of damage control in the days ahead.

There are some families across the country who relied on those deliveries to make their Christmas happen, and unfortunately spent Christmas morning with nothing to unwrap underneath the tree.

Part of the problem was icy weather which hampered both the UPS and FedEx distribution hubs. However, the bigger issue is that this year there was a smaller window for holiday shopping and a record number of e-purchases being made at the last minute. Online shopping continues to grow, which not only results in a lot of last-minute gifting, but often rewards doing that with deeper discounts.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, UPS anticipated delivering 132 million bundles in the week before Christmas. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, FedEx handled 275 million shipments. And not all made it in time.

Amazon is doing damage control too, because they promised customers that their packages would arrive by Christmas.  Some customers made their orders nearly a month ago and still many of the packages didn't make it on time.

The retail giant emailed those affected, citing a "failure in the UPS transportation network."

Amazon pledged to refund shipping costs for those affected and provide $20 gift cards to some shoppers.

Some customers were more patient than others, saying there is really more to be concerned about than toys and other presents for Christmas.


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