Warm Christmas didn't deter skiers from slopes

9:04 PM, Dec 25, 2013   |    comments
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TRUCKEE, Calif. - At Boreal Mountain resort, thousands of riders and skiers clicked in for a day packed with cheer, despite the low snowpack.

"This year it's a little sad, we didn't see any fresh powder," one skier said.

"The sun is out, the weather is beautiful but it's a little bit limited," said Sacramento resident Andrew Schwartz, who was in skiing at the resort Christmas Day.

This Christmas in the Sierra, visitors didn't need to stay inside to keep warm. The sun beaming on the man-made snow wasn't great for all, but the conditions were ideal for beginners.

"As a beginner, this is just perfect - nice and warm," Sacramento resident Ronit Schwartz said.

Temperatures were warm during the day and, fortunately for business, cold at night.

"We've been blowing tons of snow we've had cold weather up until this point and the skiing is great," Boreal employee Matt Peterson said.

Despite the lack of snowfall, the hustle and bustle of tourists filled Truckee streets on Christmas day. At Bar of America in historic Downtown Truckee, business was booming Wednesday as locals and tourists sipped on their holiday beverages after a day on the slopes.

"You know people come up anyway, because they're not on the hill they're in here," General Manager Tom Ballou said.

"I think we were hoping for more snow, but we don't mind the sun," said Bay Area resident Olga Lemberg, who was visiting Truckee on Wednesday.

At Tahoe Dave's rentals, employees said business was slow in the morning, but the less than ideal winter conditions didn't stop families from getting fit for gear.

"Make the best of it, we're going to have fun no matter what we do," said a father visiting from San Diego.

While patrons, ski resorts and shops alike were hoping for more snow, ski enthusiasts will continue to soak in the bluebird skies through the holiday season.


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