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Woman saves man, 73, from drowning

10:33 AM, Dec 26, 2013   |    comments
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Natalie Craig helped save the life of Daniel Rogovoy on Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2013.

Natalie Craig, 20, was leaving her parents houseboat at the Village West Marina in Stockton Tuesday when she heard someone yelling for help.

"I just heard a shouting that seemed kind of a panic," Craig explained.

Craig, a Port of Stockton Police Tech Support employee, said she didn't waste any time and started looking around.

The shouting was coming from Daniel Rogovoy. Rogovoy, 73, said he was alone for nearly 20 minutes, trying to stay above water and fighting for his life after he fell into the water after dropping his cellphone.

"I was praying, praying and screaming at the same time I thought that was the big one," Rogovoy said.

Craig said she and her father Terry, a San Jose police officer, were the first on the scene. The two were able to put a life vest on Rogovoy while in he was in the water.

They then called 911. Minutes later, police came and pulled Rogovoy out. He was cold, hypothermic.

"It's funny; he kept apologizing to us for the inconvenience. We were like, 'No, no, it s fine,'" Craig said. "He was just really cold. Got him a blanket. And then they were able to take him to an ambulance and treat him for hypothermia."


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