3 types of winter precipitation

2:20 PM, Dec 21, 2013   |    comments
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As winter approaches, colder temperatures will become an ongoing part of the forecast. And with colder temperatures, the Central Valley could experience different types of winter precipitation.  

Here are the most common types of winter precipitation:

Snow - This is definitely the most popular type of winter precipitation. Snow forms from ice crystals being held in a cloud. As the ice crystals fall from the cloud, they collide and stick together becoming snow. As the snow falls through the atmosphere, it must fall into freezing temperatures all the way down to the surface in order to remain snow.

Freezing Rain - Rain falls to the colder temperatures of the earth's surface. The rain then freezes on contact with, for example, the ground, your patio or even your windshield.

Sleet - It is a lot like freezing rain. The freezing rain re-freezes back into ice before it hits the ground.  

Unfortunately, there's no winter precipitation or regular precipitation (rain) in our forecast through next week.


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