How suspected gun runner's wife got hired at CHP

6:47 PM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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Sarah and Dennis Killough from Facebook

VALLEJO, CA - A woman who boasted to undercover federal agents that her job as a CHP dispatcher had kept at least one of her husband's criminal associates out of jail was apparently hired before she married the ex-con.

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Sarah Killough, 35, began working for the CHP's Golden Gate Division in September 2009.

She left the highway patrol earlier this month, just days before she and her husband, Dennis, were arrested on multiple felony charges involving illegal weapons and drug sales.

According to court documents, the couple told undercover ATF agents that Sarah was a CHP dispatcher who was "looking after him" and had used information she gathered as a dispatcher to warn him and his associates that law enforcement was enroute.

Dennis Killough, 42, served time in state prison for a previous offense and is a member of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club.

Online documents and social media suggest the couple married well after Sarah got the dispatch job.

CHP Valley Division spokeswoman Sgt. Diana McDermott would not speak specifically about the case, but suggested the results of Sarah's pre-employment background check might have been different if she had been married to the convicted felon in 2009.

"If she is married or living with someone with a criminal background, that is something we would investigate further," McDermott said.  "If a person is not involved with someone during the background check, we won't know about it."

McDermott said the CHP does not conduct additional background checks without probable cause after an employee has been hired.

Dennis Killough is being held in the Yolo County Jail without bail.  His wife is seeking to be released on her own recognizance at a bail hearing Thursday morning.

The Yolo County District Attorney's Office is fighting Sarah Killough's release, claiming her knowledge of law enforcement operations makes her dangerous.

by George Warren, 


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