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Mall security beefed up for holiday shoppers

6:31 PM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
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Since Black Friday, more than 700,000 shoppers have made their way inside Arden Fair Mall.

Mall officials have increased security and said the parking lot is where most victims are targeted. Using technology to their advantage, security vehicles with infrared cameras patrol the massive parking lot, scanning license plates into their database.

"It's a database that's hooked up with Sacramento PD," Mall Security Manager Steve Reed said. "It will give us information if a vehicle is stolen or license plate is stolen."

Since the $50,000 license plate readers were installed, 94 stolen vehicles have been recovered.

But a bigger concern, especially around the holidays, is car break-ins, a crime of opportunity that is preventable.

"Criminals window shop also, they'll go around, looking for thing and they'll bypass a car they can't see anything in," Reed explained.

New this year at the mall, 30 additional surveillance cameras positioned throughout the mall, meaning there are more than 200 cameras watching your every move.

"We try to keep an eye out on every single person and every single vehicle that's inside the mall," Reed said.

So if a criminal is targeting you, chances are someone is watching them on HD cameras.

Officials said safety is a two way street and shoppers need to do their part by paying attention to their surroundings.


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