Thieves caught taking packages from Roseville neighborhood

9:34 PM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
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ROSEVILLE, Calif. - Two thieves were caught red-handed after snatching up packages from a Roseville neighborhood.

"We had a police officer come to our house and inform us that a bunch of merchandise was stolen from our area," said a woman whose package was taken from her front porch last week. "It really surprised us actually, yeah it was kind of scary."

Zachary Agnew, 26, and Peyton Stout, 23, of Sacramento were arrested for the crime. Roseville police said more than 70 stolen items were found in their possession.

The thefts occurred on San Simean Drive on Dec. 10. Police said the couple may also be connected to a rash of package thefts out of Folsom on Dec. 12.

The suspects were caught while in the act thanks to a vigilant neighbor.

"They were driving slowly, looking at all the porches," the neighbor said. "As they drove down the street, the gentleman hopped out, got a package and ran down the stairs, and made a U-turn in front of our house and we were able to get their license plate number."

The neighbor called 911, and Roseville police arrested the couple in the same neighborhood.

"We found over 25 boxes, most of them were UPS and Fedex deliveries," Sgt. Jason Bosworth said.

Bosworth said the suspects would follow mail delivery trucks around the block, snatching up boxes in broad daylight. Some of the items they took include monogrammed dolls, golf clubs and personalized gifts.

Roseville police said there are about 60 items that have yet to be claimed, if you are a victim of this crime, you are urged to contact them.

Here are some tips to keep your packages safe:

  • Ask the sender to require a signature for delivery; this will ensure no boxes are left on your front step
  • Track the package so you have an idea of when it will be arriving
  • Ship the package to your neighbor's house if they will be home or your work office



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