Christmas decorations vandalized

6:06 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO COUNTY - Not being in the holiday spirit is not a crime, but destroying it for others can be.

Several teens were out busting up lawn decorations in the latest act of anti-holiday antics.

What they didn't know is they were being watched.

Surveillance video shows three teens walking up to a house in Sacramento County with Christmas decorations.One of them, holding a large wooden object, rushes towards the front lawn and takes a heavy swing.

Jackie Diaz and her daughters came home Saturday night to witness the aftermath.

"When we came home from the Christmas party, we just pulled up and it was down," said Maya Diaz-Villalta, referring to a Reindeer inflatable decoration.

The vandalism left the reindeer inflatable with two punctures. His buddy Frosty, unscathed, now stands alone.

"I just think it's disappointing that people have to deal with vandalism, especially around the holidays," said Jackie Diaz.

She found out what happened thanks to the security cameras she has outside her home.

But she doesn't understand how people can be so cruel to those trying to bring some holiday cheer.

"It's for the joy of all the children in the neighborhood that go by and want to see things up for Christmas," Diaz said.

Another Christmas Grinch was caught on-camera last week, stealing the holiday spirit.

The vandal walked by the Coffee Works in east Sacramento, pulling Christmas lights out of place.

Despite those who want to ruin the holidays, these acts of vandalism aren't crushing the spirit of many.

"I think we're definitely going to leave up Frosty and maybe at least leave him down like this for a little while as a reminder to people what happened," said Diaz.

Law enforcement agencies say it's important to file a police report if you fall victim to vandalism or theft.

by Carlos Saucedo,


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