Heroic teens help W. Sacramento family escape inferno

8:15 AM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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WEST SACRAMENTO- A teenage boy and girl jumped into action Saturday afternoon, helping a West Sacramento family escape a potentially deadly house fire.

Fifteen-year-old Adam Lamb and his friend Cheyene Duboise were headed to the park when they saw smoke and then flames.

"You could see a lot of flames," said Lamb.

"We had seen a house on fire," said Duboise.

The fire broke out in the home on Michigan Boulevard around 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon.

The teens said they ran up and pounded on the front door. Duboise said she looked through a window and noticed a family inside, including two adults and two young children.

"They were just standing like scared," said Duboise. "They were like panicking. They were frozen. They were trying to grab stuff and all that."

Duboise decided to go in.

"When I went in there, I saw the kids and I grabbed the kids took them out the house. He (Lamb) grabbed the mom and the dad. He had called 911," said Duboise.

While helping the family escape, a series of strange popping noises began sounding from the home. The pops turned out to be ammunition exploding inside.

Saturday night, Ashnel Kumar says his grandma, step-dad, little sister and brother were home when the fire broke out.

"My little brother is like fire fire. he told my grandmother and woke her up," said Kumar.

"It happened to be his younger sister's birthday," said Kumar. "She just turned 7."

Kumar said he's just relieved everyone got out safely.

Firefighters say the fire could have been much more dangerous, given the ammunition in the home and propane tanks in the backyard. Nobody was hurt during the ordeal.


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