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Almond growers perfectly happy in the cold

10:24 PM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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STOCKTON - While citrus farmers may be fretting California's freezing temperatures, almond growers have no such need to go nuts over the cold.

"Cold weather is the best thing for us right now.  It helps put the trees in dormancy. Makes the buds set for the following year," said almond grower Bill Koster.

Koster Farms is southeast of Tracy. Koster compared the freezing of the trees like "putting them to sleep".

"Once the blossom is on the tree, if it doesn't have the chilling hours, it will abort the blossom and the young almond will drop to the ground," said Koster.

Of course, freezing temperatures again in February could harm the trees, but for now Koster is happy with the cold.

Almonds were the number four crop in San Joaquin County in 2012 with a value in that one county alone of $300 million.



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