Stockton school mass shooting victim now a murder suspect

6:52 PM, Dec 3, 2013   |    comments
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  • Sarim Chabb
  • Sarth Chabb

EXCLUSIVE - A 32-year-old Stockton woman charged with a murder from over the weekend has violence in her past.

Sarim Chabb was one of 29 children injured at Cleveland Elementary School in 1989 when a gunman sprayed the playground with gunfire.  Five children were killed and a teacher was wounded.

Chabb and her 27-year-old brother Sarth are charged with murder after a Stockton man was killed following some sort of dispute.  Stockton detectives are not providing any other details about the murder.

STORY: Brother, sister arrested in Stockton shooting death

The sister and brother also face a variety of gun and gang charges.

Sarim Chabb's public defender Sam Behar was stunned to hear the school shooting connection but also said it was "interesting, but irrelevant" to the current case.

Chabb and her brother return to court for continuing arraignment on Dec. 17.



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